Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
May 1 2023

After a very long, dark, and snowy winter, I am happy to report Spring has sprung! While all this sunshine is a welcome change, let’s remember the sun poses a few health risks. In this blog, let’s talk about the dangers of sunlight to our eyes. 

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New Medications to Lower Cholesterol

Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Aug 1 2022

There is a new kid on the cholesterol-lowering medications block. 

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Cancer Early-Detection Blood Test

Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Jun 1 2022

The key to success with cancer is finding it at an early (more curable) stage.

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Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Mar 1 2022

Let's review the benefits of sunshine

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What Is “Internal Medicine”?

Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Nov 1 2021

Internal Medicine is the skillful and compassionate care of adults using the latest scientific advances.

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Lung Cancer

Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Oct 1 2020

The National Cancer Institute reports that tobacco smoking causes about 9 out of 10 cases of lung cancer in men and about 8 out of 10 cases of lung cancer in women.

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Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Jul 1 2020

Feeling sleepy? You’re not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), on any given day as many as one in five adults suffers from an insufficient amount of sleep.

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Low Testosterone

Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
May 1 2020

Older men whose testosterone levels have dropped over the years should only be given testosterone replacement to treat sexual dysfunction, according to new guidelines from the American College of Physicians (ACP).

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Clean Hands

Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Feb 1 2020

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the single most important thing we can do to keep from getting sick and spreading illness to others is to wash and dry our hands.

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Altitude Sickness

Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Nov 1 2019

Do you ever remember going skiing up at one of the resorts in the Rocky Mountains and you had a headache all day and didn't sleep well that night? You may have had altitude sickness.

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Personality Disorders

Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Sep 1 2019

Personality disorders are deeply-ingrained, rigid ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that deviates from the expectations of the culture, causes distress or problems functioning, and last over time. 

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Smoking Cessation

Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Apr 1 2019

According to the Surgeon General, quitting smoking is the single most important step a smoker can take to improve the length and quality of his or her life.

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Free Health Care, Right Outside Your Door

Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Jun 1 2018

Medicus curat, natura sanat—the doctor treats, nature heals.

Summer time is approaching and with warmer weather, the time when the outdoors calls to us.

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