New Medications to Lower Cholesterol

Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Aug 1 2022

There is a new kid on the cholesterol-lowering medications block. 

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Dogs Are Good for Your Health

Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Jul 1 2021

Several scientific studies have shown a connection between dog ownership and health benefits. 

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Why Should I Exercise?

Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Jun 1 2019

The concept that physical activity helps keep us healthy is very old news. We have all been told time and time again that exercise is good for you, and it’s true. It’s good for a lot more than just losing weight and building muscle.

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Smoking Cessation

Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Apr 1 2019

According to the Surgeon General, quitting smoking is the single most important step a smoker can take to improve the length and quality of his or her life.

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Obesity vs. Overweight

Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Aug 1 2018

Obesity and overweight are terms used to describe a level of excess weight that’s considered unhealthy for your body size.

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