Dr. Griffith is accepting new patients.

What makes us different

Care on your time

It takes time to build real human connection and understanding, and that has always been our secret to great care. Our appointments are relaxed, unhurried and conversational. At every step, you get our undivided attention. Whether it's in-person, virtual or over the phone, we are here for you with easy-to-schedule appointments when you need us.

Best-in-class care with a personal touch

Expertise and empathy come together here, where we combine 30+ years of expertise with a personal approach. As your partner, we provide comprehensive annual physical exams, including risk-factor assessment and proactive wellness plans, all made just for you. Whether you're in for a routine check-up or managing a life-changing diagnosis, we're with you for whatever comes your way.

Concierge-style support and coordination

Our team handles all the details, so you don't have to. From assistance with scheduling tests and sub-specialist appointments, to coordinating with your other doctors, we take the stress out of navigating the healthcare system. We're always here to help because we see your health as a continuous journey we're on — together.

The details


When you enroll in our program, you gain access to comprehensive and proactive care on your terms. With easy-to-schedule, flexible appointments free of co-pays and incidental charges, we remove the barriers between you and your best possible health care. We also offer care beyond the office visit, with opportunities to connect with your doctor by phone, email and telemedicine. Start today for only $300 a month.

  • No co-pays, no incidental charges, no confusing medical bills
  • Health savings accounts and flex dollars may be applied to your annual fee
  • Health insurance still covers prescriptions, hospitalizations, lab and radiology tests, and care from other doctors
  • Discounted membership with Medjet (the premier global air medical transport and travel security program for travelers)
  • All testing and procedures performed in the office are included in the yearly fee