Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Oct 1 2022

Here are answers to the top 5 questions all y'all are asking these days.


1. Should I get my flu shot now?


Now is a great time to get your flu shot. The current scientific thinking is to immunize people in anticipation of the flu season. You want your immune system geared up and ready before the flu hits. Waiting too long is like putting on your seatbelt after the car accident. Also, the more people are protected early on, the milder the ensuing flu season will be.

2. Does your office have the senior flu shot?


We administer what is called the Fluad Quadrivalent vaccine. This vaccine contains an extra ingredient that helps create a stronger immune response to vaccination. We give this version of the influenza vaccine to all our patients age 65 and up.

3. Should I get the new “omicron” COVID-19 booster?


The new formulation of the COVID-19 vaccine helps create stronger immunity against both the original 2020 version of COVID-19 plus the more prevalent omicron variant. This new vaccine is called the “bivalent booster” because it targets two different virus variants . You can get this booster 2 months after your last COVID shot or most recent infection. Either manufacturer is fine.

4. Should I quarantine if I tested positive for COVID-19?


Patients who test positive for COVID-19 are strongly encouraged to start a zero-contact quarantine for 5 days. The quarantine starts the first day of symptom onset or the day they test positive (whichever came first). The quarantine should last longer than 5 days if the patient’s symptoms have not improved or fevers have not resolved. Of course, infected people should wear a high-quality mask during their quarantine plus the following 5 days.

5. Is a mask helpful if I have a head cold or bronchitis?


We have all seen how a quality facemask can reduce the spread of respiratory droplets and reduce the transmission of COVID-19. This also works for other respiratory infections like head colds, sinus infections, and bronchitis. We ask sick patients to wear a mask when visiting the office to help keep everyone else healthy.