Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Feb 1 2022

It will come as no surprise to anyone that the cost of prescription medicines continues to skyrocket. I am bringing you two reliable ways to reduce your expenses at the pharmacy.


For several years I have been suggesting people use GoodRx. Click here to visit the website. GoodRx has an easy-to-use website and a very good app for your phone. Compared to paying out of pocket or using insurance, they provide savings up to 80%. They offer significant savings on both generic and brand name medications. They even offer savings on medical supplies like insulin syringes. GoodRx is accepted at nearly every pharmacy in America. 

Using GoodRx is very easy. Visit the website, find your medication, fill in the details like the strength of your medication and how many pills you receive. The website (and app) will then show you which pharmacies near you offer the best savings. Print your coupon or show the coupon on your phone to the pharmacist and BOOM! You just saved money. Yes, it really is that easy. You can even request a printed discount card for your wallet. Show it to your pharmacist the next time you pick up your prescription. The one thing to remember is you do not use your insurance with your GoodRx coupon. You pay out of pocket and take the savings home with you.

A very new option is Cost Plus Drugs. Click here to visit the website. This new business venture was started by Mark Cuban (the guy from the TV show Shark Tank). The business model is simple: they buy directly from medication manufacturers and ship to you. There is no physical store and no price gouging. They report savings up to 90%. They offer only generic medications including more than 100 of the most commonly prescribed. Controlled substances (including many sedatives and opioid pain killers) are not available at this time. Shipping is typically around $5 and expedited shipping is about $15. 

The process is explained on the website and is very simple. Set up your account, tell my office you would like to move your prescription(s) to Cost Plus Drugs and wait for their email letting you know they are ready for your payment. Just like with GoodRx, you do not use your medical insurance at Cost Plus Drugs. You pay out of pocket and take the savings home with you.