Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Oct 1 2021

Please get your COVID-19 vaccine booster. 


My last few blog entries have been full of technical, scientific information. This one will be easier to digest.

Please get your COVID-19 vaccine booster. We know they work: they further reduce the risk of contracting COVID and dramatically reduce the risk of hospitalization, ICU admission and death from COVID.

Like everything else about the COVID pandemic, information changes daily. There are several COVID-19 vaccine booster guidelines available which can make understanding the situation more complicated. 

In short:

  • At least 6 months after your last COVID vaccine, go get your booster.
  • The mRNA vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer are interchangeable when used as a booster. They are widely available.
  • While some authorities suggest a staggered approach to the boosters like we did for the initial vaccine doses, other experts suggest getting as many people revaccinated as quickly as possible. I agree with the "let's get it done ASAP" strategy.
  • You can get your COVID booster dose and other vaccines at the same time. It's time for your flu shot, too. 

Let's go boost the battle against COVID!