Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP
Apr 1 2022

Based on the number of phone calls and emails we have already received, I am going to assume you have heard about a 4th COVID-19 vaccine dose being approved.


The FDA & CDC have approved adults age 50 and older to get a second mRNA vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer) booster as early as four months after their first booster dose of any Covid-19 vaccine.

Adults who received Johnson & Johnson's vaccine as their primary and first booster shots at least four months prior may now get an additional booster of Pfizer or Moderna's vaccines. People younger than 50 with certain health problems (organ or stem cell transplants, are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, have advanced or untreated HIV or are on immune-suppressing drugs) can now receive their 5th dose.

While the science behind the recommendations is open to some debate, allowing another dose of the vaccine provides for flexibility in people's decision making and faster rollout if another surge hits. When to get the 4th dose is also open to some debate. Some experts suggest getting the dose now in case a new variant rapidly emerges. Other medical experts advocate waiting until early autumn in anticipation of a winter surge. This is the same reason we get flu shots in the fall.

The vaccine remains widely available at retail pharmacies and large medical centers.

We started Concierge Medical Care April 1, 2009. That was 13 years ago! While I have loved all 27 years of my career, the past 13 have been the best. Thank you for being a wonderful part of this ongoing adventure.

I grew up wanting to be Marcus Welby, MD and that dream came true when we started concierge care. And if you are old enough to know who Marcus Welby is, you should get your 4th COVID vaccine.